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Not All Grocery Stores are Created Equal

With all the recent Curbed chatter about fancy grocery stores and their delicious wares, one might get the idea that we're living in a Garden of Eden-like paradise of fresh produce, meats and cheeses. Luckily for everyone, blog A Brooklyn Life dumps a bucket of cold water on our heads and wakes us up from our gourmet dreamland:

I've finally got enough courage to say what everyone in the neighborhood must already be thinking: Key Foods on Court Street and 2nd Place S-U-C-K-S. For one, it smells like fresh poop or not-so-fresh dead meat at all times. I try to look at the smell as a strange gift from God, as it stops me from purchasing too much food, which half the time is stale or bad or both.
Nothing like the gentle aroma of fresh poop to get you excited about feeding your family.
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