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Inside Chelsea's Vodka Wars

In Chelsea, the owners of Brite Bar on Tenth Avenue (@ 27th Street) are refusing to stock the vodka brand 42Below because of a web blipvert that Brite's owners think panders to gays. A Socialite's Life has come into possession of emails mentioned in redacted form on Page 6 last week that were exchanged between Brite and 42Below. Here's a gem from 42Below's president:

Hello Fuckface, if you are suggesting that we are anti gay then speak to my fuckin hand you fool. At least of four of the people on our team are gay and one of our best accounts in NYC in Lucky Chengs. PERHAPS YOU AER A REDNECK HOMOPHOBE WHO WANTS TO FEEL IMPORANT. WE WOULD NEVER LET YOUR SORRY ARSE HIPPE SHIT FCUK BAR CARRY 42 BELOW ANYWAY. So there dickhead.

No regards
USA Company President doing very well thanks
James D

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