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Goldman Ditches Downtown Tower

Don't redraw Manhattan's downtown skyline just yet. The cagey cats at Goldman Sachs have tabled their plans to build a 40-story tower designed by I.M. Pei associate Henry Cobb adjacent to Ground Zero, citing a proposed West Street tunnel entrance near the site as the key problem. On the Wired New York message board, one poster is calling bullshit on that:

Considering the tunnel entrance is more than even mid-block and is nowhere close to the pedestrian crossing to the site, this is an extremely weak excuse. Enough so that it makes me wonder if there are other motives.Other motives? My God, man! This is an investment bank we're talking about! Adds another poster, "Maybe it's a bluff, maybe it's not. Either way, it doesn't concern me. There will be a tower built there eventually. There are no other large development sites for office towers Downtown (other than the WTC)."
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