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Chinatown Scores Angled Tourist Fetish Object

For those concerned that New York City's Chinatown lacks a certain something?like, say, a garish faux-Chinese archway for tourists to pose in front of?we bring glad tidings. In the spirit of Philly (above left), Boston (above center), and San Francisco (above right), NYC will soon have its own Chinatown Arch. Reports the Daily News,

The specific site for the arch hasn't been finalized, but its architect, Tieh-Chi Ho, said the preferred location is across Park Row at Chatham Square. "Our arch will be the biggest," according to Ho.Considering the City will spend $250k on the arch?the price of a closet in adjacent tenements?you know this is gonna be one classy creation.
· Chinatown to Finally Get Arch [NYDailyNews]