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FreshDirect Finally Gets Some Media Coverage

A brief summary of today's Dining In examination of that crazy new delivery service, FreshDirect:

· The trucks are annoying: 2 years, 2 million deliveries, $600,000 in parking tix.
· There are real estate tie-ins: "We think of it as yet another amenity to offer our tenants, like dry-cleaning or a gym," said Kathleen Scott, director of leasing for Rockrose Develoopment. "Who in this day and age has time to go to the grocery store?"
· The neighborhood snubs are not personal: "Once we get a certain number of e-mails from your zone, we go there. That's all there is to it," said Steve Druckman, FreshDirect's chief marketing officer.
The coup de grace, however, amidst all the references to Peapod and Webvan, is a business-model-affirming quote from Jupiter Media, once the go-to source for frothing journalists covering the web. The '90s are back, baby!
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