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New Development Spy: The Gretsch

After years of frenzied publicity and reports of tension with the neighborhood Hasidim, residency is at last underway at The Gretsch, the luxury development at 60 Broadway in Williamsburg where Busta Rhymes snapped up several investment units. So, what's the scoop from the inside? Collapsing ceilings? Misaligned egos? Alas, no. A Curbed correspondent reports:

I bought early, never saw it until it was completed and am now happily moved in. For all the hubbub regarding the 'artisten wars', it's appears all for nothing. There are only three floors occupied as they finish the rest and they are super nice about dealing with minor issues. The build-out is gorgeous. The commute is easy. Life is good and I couldn't be happier. On the flipping side, I doubt the flipping will really start until that last 5-6 units have sold. Floors 5 & 6 begin closing next week, so still 6 floors to finish and occupy. I did notice that someone had listed their duplex 1BR on for $889k and it's obviously 'by owner'.

For those who care, the original sale price on that 1BR was $2.99, plus tax. Don't you wish you could get in early on these new development deals?
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