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Rebuilding Lapidus' OddJob Building?

After the Morris Lapidus-designed Paterson Silks Store (aka the Oddjob Building) on Union Square was knocked down in early March even as the Landmarks Commission was scheduling a hearing about preserving the place, we learned the place had ardent fans. Some of those Lapidus Lovers are now arguing that the destructive owner should be forced to rebuild the structure. Reports Lore Croghan,

Frank Sanchis of the Municipal Art Society saw workers tear down Lapidus' tower, and couldn't persuade them to stop. He called the police and City Hall. "I haven't stood in the street screaming like that for 40 years," Sanchis testified. "Why should I be so frustrated?"Lapidus' original plans exist, but destruction is 90% of the law.
· Stones Thrown Over Glass Building [NYDailyNews]
· Union Square's Stairway to Nowhere Vanishes [Curbed] UPDATE: Humor. A Curbed reader emails, "When Odd Job renovated the Lapidus building to its former glory a few years ago, someone (The Times, I think) interviewed the elderly Mr. Lapidus about it, and he said he didn't remember the building." Anyone got the scoop?