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WTC Rebuilding May Take Years Centuries Eons

Fears that the Post had put real estate/restaurant reporter Steve Cuozzo back on the meds are obviated today by the appearance of a classic Cuozzo rant. Topic: slow rebuilding progress at the World Trade Center site. When not ripping everyone involved a new one, he writes:

Insiders privately doubt that the tower can be completed by its announced 2009 target (itself a quiet retreat from the 2008 date that Pataki promised two years ago). At this rate, if history is any guide, the city's skyline will still have a void where the Twin Towers used to be, 10 years after the attack ? and maybe 15.
For good measure, the Post throws in an op-ed arguing (you can see this coming, right?) that the Twin Towers should be rebuilt as they were. Hmmm, sound familiar? We're looking forward to 10?and maybe 15?more years of this debate.
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