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Brewer Spills the Beans

Jon Bloostein, the owner of the Heartland Brewery chain, tells Gothamist why he runs bar-restaurants:

For a year or so, I helped out my brother, Oren, who owns Oren?s Daily Roast Coffees and helped manage one of his stores a few days a week. I constantly asked myself ?what made his business a success??...The only good answer I came up with was that he was fanatical about the product which also happens to be addictive. So, I wasn?t really looking specifically to open a brewpub. I was looking for business that capitalized on people?s addictions, or to be politically correct, people?s behavioral patterns. I looked at tobacco, candy/sugar, gambling, topless bars and alcohol. Make your own alcohol ? now legal in New York!· Jon Bloostein, Owner Heartland Brewery and Spanky's BBQ [Gothamist]