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Price Creep Alert: Uptown Edition

Another reader tale from the world of mysteriously rising asking prices:

"This apartment is in a great building WAAAY uptown. 115th. I looked at an apartment on the top floor of this building several months ago. Same layout as this listing. It's a great apartment. However. This listing has been up for about 3 weeks now. The price for the past 2 weeks has been $785,000. Now it's $850,000. I'm assuming they raised the price due to the open house they are having this weekend. The unit I looked at before, which, in my mind is worth more due to the higher floor, had an asking price of $825,000. The morning after the open house when our agent called they already had 8 bids over asking. I'm guessing it went for around 9 but never saw. I guess they are trying to do the same with this one. On the second floor!"

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