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Reconsidering the Billyburg Hearing: Okay, We're Awake

Our assessment of the reports we received from the Williamsburg/Greenpoint rezoning hearing ? Zzzzzzz ? has angered some local activists. "You guys must not have stayed very long at the hearing," says one. [Uh, we weren't there. -ed] "I am very disturbed by the laissez-faire manner in which your website covered the City Council hearing on the rezoning of Greenpoint/Williamsburg," says another. Whoa, easy, hipsters. There's enough for everybody. Since we never would sit through one of these hearings, we rely on you for the juice. Which is why we're happy to relay two excruciatingly detailed reports from the extraordinarily important hearing after the jump. Enjoy!

First, a report from Beka Economopoulos, "local gallerist and member, Creative Industries Coalition:"

There were hundreds of people signed up to speak, and hundreds locked out of the hearing outside. (the overflow rooms were too full).