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And Bond Makes Three at the WTC

Blogger Miss Representation draws our attention to this line in today's 1010 Wins report about the appointment of Gretchen Dykstra as head of the WTC Memorial Foundation: "The memorial design by architects Michael Arad, Peter Walker and Max Bond was chosen in January 2004 following a worldwide competition."

Says Miss R, "Davis Brody Bond was selected as associate architect after the competition (and while Bond was serving on an LMDC subcommittee), and no doubt has a very active role, but the grammar above imputes a whole other degree of significance. After all, can you name the associate architect of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial?"

Uh, we're stumped. Anyway, Newsday's got the same language, which suggests that this is no accident. Someone important (or someone penning press releases, at the very least) wants to put this trio on equal footing. Of course, the writing has been on the wall since Bond was tapped last year, and when Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg revealed the updated memorial plans in December, the newcomer was clearly a headliner ("I thank Max Bond for helping to give shape to Michael and Peter's vision," Bloomberg said.) Could it be long before it's Bond, Arad and Walker?
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