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Reports of Harlem Broker's Web Demise Exaggerated

Last week, we reported the unfortunate expiration of Harlem broker Willie Kathryn Suggs' website. Today, we are happy to bring the news that the site is alive and thriving via this note from a WKS staffer:

I am The Webmistress for Due to renewal notices being mailed to an obsolete email address, we were late in our renewal of our domain name. Not to worry! On March 25th when we discovered there was a problem, it was immediately resolved. The website was down for a total of 3 hours. It does not surprise me that one of your astute curbed readers reported our problem as our site receives heavy traffic. Almost 500,000 visitors have come to our site just in the past 90 days. Please continue to enjoy visiting our site and viewing the lovely properties in Harlem that are being offered for sale.


Lovelynn Gwinn (aka. The Webmistress)

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