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Loft Design Strategies, Lacquer Edition

Next week's launch of Domino magazine?think Lucky for your home?is likely to be the best thing to ever happen to living in Manhattan. So says editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman, who shares a Tribeca loft with her husband, Slate's Jacob Weisberg. Reports the Observer,

Already, Ms. Needleman said, her magazine had helped the couple to solve a decorating conundrum. "We?re doing a lacquering story in the premiere issue, and we just lacquered this enormous bookshelf that had been a giant albatross in our apartment since we moved in," Ms. Needleman said. "Now it?s receded into the white walls. Before, it looked like this hulking mass that was about to fall on top of you."· Off the Record [NYObserver via TMFTML]
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