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Lever House Drives Nail Through Rainforest's Coffin

Towleroad blogger Andy Towle visited Lever House on Park Avenue to catch a glimpse of artist Peter Wegner's new installation, called simply Lever Labyrinth?a piece of work that's sure to make the desk jockeys in the room feel right at home, or completely paranoid. Notes Towle of the project:

Billed as a sprawling garden maze, the most you can say about it is that it offers the hard, Modernist interior of the Lever House Lobby an air of chaos and instability. However, most people experience that in their office supply room every day. Here, it's just a lot greener and runs through September 4th.And so soon after Arbor Day, too (that's the last Friday in April, people)! It's like adding insult to injury?the injury of 2.5 million paper-cuts-in-waiting.
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