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Chinatown Bus Tales: Hold On for Dear Life

Less than a week after a man was struck and killed by one of the Chinatown buses that operate between Boston, Philadelphia and other godforsaken places, Lower East Side blogger spinachdip nyc hopped aboard and headed down to Washington, D.C. Needless to say, on the ride back there were ... complications. After a loud "bump" and some oil spillage, the bus pulled over at a Maryland gas station. Passengers were left to wait hours and fight for open seats on passing buses, one of which our perturbed narrator finally landed. But not before some safety issues were addressed:

There are a few seats open and I set my ass down on the first one I found. The bus fills up pretty quickly but no one's getting off. People standing in the aisle? Not good. So the driver comes up with a solution - they can stay on if they sit in the aisle, because if they stand, he'll get pulled over by a trooper. Safety first and whatnot.Hey, people, if you want blind adherence to standard highway traffic and safety laws, you take a Greyhound.
· Chinatown bus, you get what you pay for: a true story [spinachdip nyc]