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Another One of Those Real Estate Blog Thingies

The Learning Annex is the authority for getting you the practical information you can use, whether you're seeking out the minutia of ghost hunting or the erotic art of pole dancing. But they're also experts when it comes to real estate, of course?they have a section of classes dedicated to topics like Real Estate Investment in Ten Simple Steps and Spare-Time Ways to Build a Fortune in Real Estate. With so many tips to share it was only a matter of time before, yes, they started their very own real estate blog. Corante uncovered this Craigslist ad calling for applicants for the gig, and?much to our surprise?it looks like this biz actually pays!

The Learning Annex blog better bring the dish on the backstage goings-on at the 2005 Real Estate Wealth Expo. Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins in the same room? If the world survives, we want to hear about it.
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