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In The Gutter: Libeskind, In Ireland, Urges Calm

[Yesterday, Curbed launched The Gutter, a new blog dedicated to the architectural arts in all their glory. If we weren't exactly clear?are we ever??The Gutter is not authored by the groundlings who spew forth daily in this space. Rather, The Gutter has its own sources, its own agenda, and its own alcohol preferences. If you haven't yet, do drop by and say hello.]

Today, The Gutter is hanging out in The Pit, reporting that Larry Silverstein is set to win the Developer of the Year award from New York Construction. In semi-related news, The Gutter notes, "What does a deposed media darling do when, after years of bullshit, no reporter in town believes a word of your well-oiled riff? Why, take it out for a spin with Cindy Adams." To wit, Cindy's chat with Daniel Libeskind today:

"This building is the soul of New York and must be sustainable for the next 100 years. We've simply got to integrate new functional issues," Libeskind says. "After all the time I've spent with David Childs, he understands very well. The memorial space, the tower, the topography remain the same. We are speaking now of details and we will be reviewing all things as soon as possible."Sez The Gutter, "We live in a beautiful world." We couldn't agree more.
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