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The Blanding of Washington Square Park: Wither the Mounds?

It's voting day for the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which plans to green-light the $16 million makeover of Washington Square Park. Though the big plans have been detailed and reworked, it's the proposal for a four-foot-high fence around the park that continues to rile. Yet our heart is with the strange bulbous mounds, which blessedly have their own support group. Reports the NYT,

And then there is a group called Save the Mounds. The mounds, three decaying asphalt lumps in the park's southwestern corner, had once been part of an "adventure playground" at the park for older children to climb and to sled on. But while other elements of the playground were long ago carted away, the mounds have endured, and efforts to flatten them have elicited cries of alarm. The group's spokeswoman, Leonie Haimson, said, "They're the only hills for miles around."· Washington Square Park, Haven for Eccentricity, Is Set to Fall Into Line [NYTimes]
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