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Development Du Jour: Riverwalk Place

If you ask us, the good people of Roosevelt Island are trying a little too hard to make the point that their tiny island nation is indeed a part of New York City. The promotional materials for the "new community," Riverwalk, for instance, are peppered with references to the ease of the commute, the "cosmopolitan lifestyle" and the nabe's status as "an integral part of Manhattan." The bottom line, though, is that most of you couldn't find the place if you were plunked on the tram.

And yet, new development Riverwalk Place has all the trappings of one of them luxurious New York City residences ? doorman, terraces, fancy kitchens ? and a nearby subway stop to boot. The condo building is a joint development of The Hudson Companies and The Related Companies. Architecture by Gruzen Samton and SLCE Architects. Prices range from $650k on the 1-beds to $1.15k on 3-beds.
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