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Schiller's Update: Hate The People, Stay for the Curry

Yesterday, we pointed at urbanist blog Veritas et Venustats, which posed a question for Curbed readers. (In part: "Are Pastis and Balthazar as sexy as Schiller's and Essex? Sexier?") Commenters, however, seemed to interpret the question as a referrendum on McNally's LES tile haven. Selected responses:

...I particularly hate Schiller's because in the winter, you have people crowded around your table, mentally willing you to hurry up and get up so they can sit down. Not that that has anything to do with architecture, but the exterior of the building is hideous... ...i hate the bathrooms at schillers, i hate the people at schillers, i hate the bar at schillers, i hate the facade at schillers, the only thing i dont hate at schillers is the lamb curry...

Aw come on. You guys fetishizing "authenticity" is as much Disney as Schiller's, 'cept you don't even know it. Most people who dine at those places at least know they're embracing simulation. Remind me not to dine with you or visit your scroungy apartments!

Meantime, VetV's John Massengale tries gamely to get the conversation back on track: "It would be interesting if the comments would address this bigger issue." That being: is the Decent really worth the extra buck
· A Question for Curbed and Its Readers [Veritas et Venustas]