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U.N.-Brooklyn: the Best Little Secrets Aren't Kept

Well, you knew that wouldn't take long. Just moments after discussing the silence surrounding the potential Brooklyn site for a briefly relocated U.N., a tipster points us to a WiredNY thread for the answer to the location in question. Tired of waiting? Yeesh, fine.

It's the proposed skyscraper at 120 Willoughby St., being developed by Joseph Sitt at Thor Equities (he of the Gallery at Fulton St. mall fame) as part of a grand "Willoughby Square" vision. The 48-story tower had been slated for retail (there are/were Wal-Mart rumors), hotel and office space usage. Currently a parking lot sits on the plot, which seems to fit, right? After all, the U.N. is used to getting repeatedly run over. Yeah, yeah, too easy.
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