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CBGB Update: Just Like Little Steven

Last week, when we doubted the likelihood of preserving threatened Bowery club CBGB by way of landmark designation, we were perhaps a touch unfair to "Athena," one of the organizers of the effort. She emails,

Landmark designation is a type of preservation. We are steering clear of the rental dispute and focusing on landmark preservation, which was actually in the works two years ago. We now feel that it is time to move forward and at least try to submit our Request for Evaluation to the NYC LPC. If you would read, you might get an inkling on how our campaign is seeking ways to make the landlord/tenant relationship between CBGB and the BRC a more fiscally viable one.

AND - I DID offer my legal first and last name to the press, I just requested that they not be published. There is a difference. All of the supporters who have been reaching out to us on the site know me as Athena - and it is the media name of preference that I use. Like "Little Steven" or "Joey Ramone" or "Dee Dee Ramone" or "Tommy Ramone" get the idea.
Curbed regrets the error.
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