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U.N. Banished to Brooklyn?

If the United Nations didn't have friends in such high places, it would have probably been shut down by now. Asbestos, lead paint, no sprinkler system: the building is almost as beleaguered as the organization. So the U.N. needs a temporary home during the renovation of its East Side tower, and in a real estate journey worthy of The Hunt, the collapse of a deal in Manhattan has forced the body politic to look at?and maybe you should put your coffee down, first?Downtown Brooklyn.

While the U.N. is keeping mum on a specific site for the relocation, which would last from 2007 to 2010, the hinting at a Brooklyn move is more than enough to make borough chief Marty Markowitz's head explode. He tells the Daily News, "As happy as they are in Manhattan, that's as happy as they would be in Brooklyn - just like all the people from Manhattan who have come to live here." And even U.N. officials are biting on Brooklyn schmaltz. A spokesman for Kofi Annan added in the Times, "I like the idea of Brooklyn for the United Nations. After all, Brooklyn is an underdog."

But not so fast, Nets fans: A deal is still far off and U.N. representatives have recently visited the 7WTC site. Still, a borough can dream, can't it?
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