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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Condos, Condos & ConEd

[Last week, we debuted a new weekly Curbed feature. Here's how it works: you email us questions about what's being built (or unbuilt) in your neighborhood. Other Curbed readers email us the scoop. We cross our fingers that our sources are talking about the right borough.]

1) Midtown West: Regarding the huge eyesore on 57th and 9th (aka The Windermere), which has inspired rumblings and bumblings since 1881, a reader emails, "The last I checked the seller wanted over $35m for this hulking, mold-infested mess.? I was inside this building two years ago and also managed to meet with the seller who was visiting from Japan during the Christmas holidays.? What I saw still gives me nightmares.? Think hairy mold the size of Snufalufagus. I believe that 6 SRO tenants are still living there." The full back-story via this 2002 Times piece.
2) Gramercy: A reader wanted to know what was going down (or up) on 3rd between 23rd and 24th. Lots of guesses on this one (all having something to do with condos, natch), but we're swayed by this report clipped from the NY Sun: "Jules Demchek, principal of Carlisle Realty, and partner Credit Suisse First Boston paid $83 million, or $325 per developable square foot, for a 240,000-square-foot site on Third Avenue between 23rd and 24th streets. The sellers were a partnership of Yair Levy and Serge Hoyda..."
3) Chelsea: What's the skinny on all the parking lots in the Flatiron district? A reader writes, "Zoning was changed to allow new residential construction. Previously, only new industrial construction was allowed. Since there was no demand for industrial, the lots remained empty. You can bet more condos will replace the parking lots." To be more specific, the answers are a) condos and parking (pictured above), b) condos, retail, and parking, c) condos ? "guesses as to the numbers of floors have ranged from 12 to 20," and d) uh, we'll go with condos, maybe parking.
4) Park Slope: Whaddya say about the west side of 4th Ave. between 2nd and 3rd: One reader says condo, though the consensus seems to some sort of Con Ed facility: "The building on the west side of 4th Ave in Park Slope @ 2nd Street is an office building (3 stories) for Con Edison whose facility takes up full block from 1st till 3rd from 3rd ave to 4th ave." We tried to confirm, but were sidetracked by this Forgotten NY piece about how this site used to be the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers before they moved to Ebbets Field.
5) Hell's Kitchen: NE corner of 9th/38th in Hell's Kitchen? Sorry, no takers! Try again next time.

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