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Turkey Trots Around Like He Owns the Freakin' Place

For all of our wild turkey information (not to be confused with our Wild Turkey imbibition) we naturally head to What About the Plastic Animals?, a surprisingly strong resource for sightings of live animals. Last fall we got a glimpse of Battery Park's Zelda, and now we have this unidentified bird way up in Morningside Park. A reader on WAtPA? responds to confusion and answers the call for additional information:

As far as I know the turkey is a very recent arrival to the park. I first heard reports of sitings this week and these are the first photos I've seen. Between the turkey, the peacocks at the Cathedral and the Red Tailed Hawks who have a nest on one of the statues at the East end of the Cathedral, our neighborhood has quite a bit of unusual wildlife!Don't forget about the Columbia undergrads!
· Turkey in Morningside Park [What About the Plastic Animals?]