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Bottom of the Resy Barrel: 5:00, 10:30, or...1?

With a tip of the hat to our friends at She Loves NY, a Curbed reader writes, "I have a larger group for tomorrow night for dinner.  And although I have a couple reservations, I thought I would call just in case a few more interesting places had room. So I called Mas...

Hello, do you take reservations for 9 people?
Do you have availability for tomorrow night?
We're thinking about 8:30/9ish?
--The earliest we have is 1.
--Yes 1.
As in AM?
--Yes, 1am, would you like it? thanks.
Guess it's not NYMag's choice for "Best 3 A.M. Meal" for nothing. As our early-bird diner suggests, this sounds like a place for our man Frank.