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New Name Suggestions for LES, Astoria

Here at Curbed, we love a good neighborhood rebranding. We especially love it when the suggestions come without provocation and with little explanation. Today, two of note have crossed our path, and we share them with you now.

First up is from webzine The Brink, where the writer passes on a friend's suggestion that the entire Lower East Side be renamed "Alphaville" in honor of the dystopian Godard classic. Why? Are there private eyes crawling all over Clinton St.? Evil scientists flooding Welcome to the Johnsons? French chicks filling up the tables at 'inoteca (well...)? A comment on the uniformity of the nabe's hipster population? A play off of Alphabet City? For God's sake man, tell us! Nope. We're only told that we are to accept it. Mysterious.

We're afforded a few more details on the second one. A Curbed reader writes:

I have a suggestion for one that I don't think has been used. A.S.L.I.C. (pronounced Ass-lick, yes , it's true.) Astoria Long Island City. If there's any way to claim creation of an acronym, please put my name on it. I'm pretty darn proud of that one!

Well Jamie B. Wolcott, proud Astoria resident, this A.S.L.I.C.'s all yours.
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