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SI Developer Swears By Paint Protest

It's taken us a little while to get to this one, but it takes time for the horses to get over the bridge and bring word from Staten Island. A developer who bought a house for the sole purpose of tearing it down to build five townhouses on the lot was thwarted when the 19th century Second Empire-style home was granted landmark status at the request of the Tottenville Historical Society. So how did John Grossi choose to protest the move? The same way any cool, calm and collected person would: by spray-painting obscentities all over it. In flourescent pink and orange spraypaint. For some reason this upset neighbors, and he restored the original paint job two days later. Grossi told the Times: "I bought this house to tear it down. It ain't like George Washington slept here or nothing." [photo by Tottenville Historical Society]
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