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In Canada, WTC Memorial Mock-Up Flows Smoothly

Three hundred and fifty miles from the disharmony of the redevelopment of downtown NYC (in Canada, no less) a full-scale mock-up of the WTC memorial is giving hope that at least one part of the project is moving ahead as planned. Dan Euser of Dan Euser Waterarchitecture Inc., a consultant to the memorial designers, built the mock-up in his Ontario backyard primarily to test the two waterfalls that will frame the memorial. So far, the results are encouraging, especially the unexpected way in which the descending water recalls images of the striated towers. "It's a magical moment to see it realized," Michael Arad told the Times' David Dunlap. "The way the water is behaving is incredible. It makes it feel somehow more real, as if you're moving forward." [photo by Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times]
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