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Questioning Coney Island Redevelopment

Last week the city unveiled its master plan for Coney Island's new look, a massive redevelopment first bandied about in April after news broke that developer Thor Equities was buying up midway turf and planning a shopping mall/waterpark complex. The new year-round entertainment complex would include a beachfront hotel and spa, apartments, open-air cafes along the Boardwalk, arcades, bowling alleys, movie theaters and other non-freak-related attractions. The final plan will not be in place until summer, but the New York Press is already pissed at the Disneyfied version of the decrepit amusement park:

What's the wisdom, for instance, behind building a swimming pool at a beach? Why put something like a movie theater and bowling alley in a place where, for over a century, New Yorkers have gone to be outside? Why build a "multicultural center" when Coney already is a living, breathing, fluid and vibrant multicultural center all by itself?
Dudes. Downtown Brooklyn? Ratner'd. Williamsburg-Greenpoint? Rezoned (it's official!). BoCoCa? Condo-Hotel'd. Southern Brooklyn? Absolutely terrified. What's left? Idle hands are the devil's playthings, after all.
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