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Curbed Readers Write: Gilded Domes, Turkeys & Friday's

Lots of good stuff this week. Let's get right to it:
1) "I passed by the undulatedness that is 1 Kenmare Square today, and saw workers removing the metal clips which a previous informant had objected to. It looks like they are only meant to hold glass in place until it is set. I get the feeling, though, that won't do much to change said tipsters issues with the building."
2) Some feedback on our choice of a Roosevelt Island "Development du Jour:" "Years ago a friend of mine and I, sick and tired of looking for a cheap apartment in the middle of the summer, took the tram over and looked at renting from the last tower at the north end. The problem isn't the new development buildings, its all the other ones--that whole island is filled with a bunch of losers. It took no less than 5 minutes before witnessing some guy and his wife having an all out bitch-fight(her in a 5th floor window, him on the ground down below) when suddenly, she starts throwing all of his belongings out the window and all over the lawn. We never even made it to the building, the scene was so unbelievably hurt we literally ran back to manhattan, frightened and blinded by what we saw.
3) Regarding the Morningside Park turkey, a reader writes, "I spotted a turkey in morningside park at about 170th street while I was on a run about a 1.5 years ago. I almost shit my pants."
4) "About the Sohmer Piano Penthouse, I took a tour of the property back in 2000 when it was still a raw interior space being re-developed. It was being marketed by Sotheby's at $6.5 million as a finished unit. Seems like it's appreciated quite a bit since then! Weird that back then that price seemed like a lot. It is truly a spectacular space, especially the dome."
5) Perhaps we've been unfair to TGI Friday's. What's not to like about a place where "it's always Friday." Plus, as a reader writes. "The very first TGI Friday's in the country was... on First Avenue and 63rd Street! And it opened way back in 1965. This sort of puts the notion of a TGI Friday's on Fifth Avenue into some perspective, doesn't it? Heck, TGI Friday's is arguably New York's most popular contribution to the American restaurant scene. And it's only fair that the rest of the country return the favor by sending us all the middle-of-the-road casual dining chains that followed. Hello Applebee's and Chili's."