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Then Add 'Heights' or 'Hill' and Stir

The Morning News' non-expert Andrew Womack offers a primer on how to gentrify a neighborhood. Here's how to get started: "First familiarize yourself with all of New York?s many wondrous neighborhoods. Now immediately scratch those off your list...Take a train, any train, to any desirable area, stay on for four more stops, get out there, and perform the following litmus test.

Do you see anyone between the ages of 18 and 34 with speckles of paint on their clothing?
Do you see any bars, restaurants, or stores that look worth going into?
Was that a tumbleweed that just blew by?
Welcome home.
More good stuff at TMN, including the key to finding a place "you?ll sell in 2025 for a billion dollars a pop to Busta Rhymes?s children."
· The Non-Expert: Gentrify! Gentrify! [The Morning News]