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Target Brings Prefab Style to Soho

There may not be a Target store in Manhattan, but woo boy do those people love this island. In a deal that force any developer to have to hold his Trapper Keeper in front of his pants, Target has taken over a Soho parking lot and built five homes on the site. Apartment Therapy got to the bottom of what's going on, and it turns out the retailer has been dutifully studying customers from behind the two-way mirror of market research. The suits determined that people shop for their homes within five style preferences (classic, casual, contemporary, global and modern), so they've created five fake dwellings?designed by architect Christopher Deam?outfitted in the Target wares that apply. The open house doesn't begin until tomorrow, but we hear that 30 people have been living on the sidewalk since Wednesday in order to get the first bids in.
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