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Party on the Deck: What of THOR's Hammered?

Sure, Friday is "Curbed Readers Write" day, but we feel this correspondence is worthy of its own special entry. Perhaps you'll agree? In reference to the fast times at THOR High, a concerned?and pissed!?Lower East Side citizen responds:

As if THOR weren't enough of a blot on the landscape, now we longtime Lower East Siders have to put up with the shouted comments of its Eurotrash/yuppie scum clientele on the patio. It's already happened to me once as I was walking beneath the balcony; I'm sure it won't be the last. The possibilities for dropped/tossed martini glasses, vomiting over the rail, etc. no doubt will be explored in the upcoming months...Here's something we never thought we'd have to say: People, beware the vomit shower!
· 'My, This Lower East Side Is Quite Dingy.' [Curbed]