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Bouley Bakery Finally Open (Kind Of)

Bouley, olé! From the streets of Tribeca, a Curbed reader reports that celubuchef David Bouley's casual bakery is finally open?sort of:

Walked by Bouley Bakery today and saw that they were kind of open. They had a table set up with breads and other baked goods and they also had one of their fridge displays working. However, there were also lots of construction workers still working on the back wall of the shop, the outside and of course the upstairs and downstairs are still not done. Strange that they would open now considering the amount of work still to be completed. In any event, I picked up some apple turnovers and a few baguettes and they were great!Metblog's Tessa Barrera stopped by, too, and reviews the current menu items ("Butter glistened off my fingers after the first bite"), while blogger A Test of Will snapped some photos, including that above.
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