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Gowanus Canal Update: Love That 'Murky White Stuff'

Ever wondered what lies beneath the Gowanus Canal? Oh, come on?who hasn't? Blessedly, the Daily News has the scoop:

Members of the Urban Divers, a group of about 150 volunteer scuba divers fighting pollution in local estuaries, got the Haques a sample of the murky white stuff, called 'Bio-film.' It is thought to be colonies of microbes or other living matter that floats in clouds near the bottom of the Gowanus.
God bless the G-Slope. Next up: 'My Parents Stayed at the Gowanus Canal, and All I Got Was a Flask of Bio-Film' t-shirts.
· Sisters May be Saviors of Canal [NYDailyNews via Corante New York]
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