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Everything You Wanted to Know (and More!) About 'Alphaville'

Last week we mentioned that some dude was trying to get people to adopt "Alphaville" as a new nickname for the LES/EVil without offering up much explanation as to why. Well, luckily (or unluckily) for us, the mysterious Lonepanther group forwarded us the reasoning behind the proposal?even including the above snazzy map of the new nabe (sorry BelDel!), with such neighborhood attractions as Schiller's and the Streit's Matzoh Factory pointed out for our convenience. Here's the deal, in short:

In that spirit of the individual voice being able to change the world as individuals we chose the designation: ALPHAVILLE. The reasoning goes: ALPHAVILLE, the movie (1965), the true street designation for the East Village: Alphabet City (1970's), the north / south axis Allen Street - 1st Avenue - Obviously the AL of Allen and ALPHA means first.Obviously. Don't quite get it yet? The entire thesis after the jump. here is the explanation to the re-branding of the Lower East Side/ East Village to ALPHAVILLE. the branding group LONEPANTHER has created a new branded-geography