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NY Mag is all bubble-wrapped today, making predictions about the real-estate safety of 15 New York City nabes (plus "the suburbs" and the new BFF "The Hamptons and the Catskills"). A brief sampling: "If you?re reading this in your downtown loft, you?re in luck: You own one of the most coveted properties in town, better protected from a downturn than almost any other." Financial district? Sorry, fucked. "Edgy Brooklyn"? Only safe for hipsters.

Meanwhile, the mere experience of reading Henry Blodget's take on the real estate bubble nearly made our head explode. Blodget, the deposed king of the Amazons, makes two salient points: 1) the Internet collapse was not his fault and 2) the collapse of the real-estate market will not be his fault.

Oh, almost forgot: Suze Orman thinks you should sell your loft.
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