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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Murdoch Buys, Gere Sells on 5th Ave.

1) News Corp. gazillionaire Rupert Murdoch rummages through his couch cushions and digs out the $44 million needed to complete the cash deal on the pictureless triplex at 834 Fifth Avenue. The price is a record for a Manhattan residence, but only 4th place on Murdoch's list of most-expensive Sunday brunches. [William Neuman/The Big Deal]
2) Not all Fifth Avenue residences are created equal, though, as Richard Gere unloads his apartment for more than a half-million below his buying price. But like a hamster getting back on his wheel, Gere licks his wounds and sets his sights on Bridgehampton. [Braden Keil/NYPost]
3) Designer Cynthia Rowley gets totally busted for not paying the common charges on her Tribeca condo, which is up for sale. She's racked up a $6,000 tab, and she's paying it off by grabbing handfuls of pennies from Rupert Murdoch's change jar. [William Neuman/The Big Deal]
4) Why doesn't anyone want to buy Merryl Streep's Greenwich Village townhouse. Hmm, wonder if her asking double the price that neighbor David Byrne sold his like-sized home for has anything to do with it. [Braden Keil/NYPost]
5) Former "NYPD Blue" star Gordon Clapp is subletting the "dainty" Upper West Side one-bedroom owned by Jeffrey Tambor, his co-star in the Broadway revival of the light-hearted real estate romp "Glengarry Glen Ross." One of Clapp's former L.A. landlords was Joe Mantegna, star of the original Broadway staging of the play and apparently an ace with a Philips head. [Penelope Green/Habitats]