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Insanity Redux at West Village Houses: Bringing Down the House

When we first looked in on the "reluctant capitalists" at the West Village Houses a few weeks back, residents were ranting and raving on a building message board about the pros and cons of going co-op and buying 1BRs at a delicious below-market price of $170,000. After gracing the cover of the NYT real estate section yesterday, have the fine folks settled down and agreed to let the windfall where it may? Let's peek in on one resident's message board response to the article:

Will & Jessica, thank you so much for trying to ruin our chance to save our homes in the NYT. Your complaining, carping and finger pointing has never lead us anywhere... And now what are you trying to do with your NYT article? Bring down the house? Our homes? The photo [above] of you two sitting on your stoop. Smug and self-righteous. Will, beaming with triumphant joy, tells volumes.Will and Jessica's crime, as reported by the NYT: "Will Creed and Jessica Tomb have opposed the deal to let tenants buy their places because they don't think it does enough to help those who can't afford it." (Insanity, surely!) Carps another posts: "It's time for those two to seriously consider Hoboken!", while a third astutely summarizes, "The NY Times article has made us the laughing stocks of The West Village." Indeed.
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