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It Happened One Weekend: More Plaza Drama

1) New Plaza owner hopes to sell off part or all of the hotel half of the condo-hotel to a luxury brand. Maybe even to one of the guys who used to own the place. Because clearly he did such a great job with it the first time around. [NYPost]
2) Brokers more regularly charging less than the standard 6% commission to sellers. Earth threatens to fold in on itself. [NYTimes]
3) The controversy surrounding the fate of the four smokestacks at the Schwartz Chemical Plant in Long Island City comes to an end, as the building's developer begins tearing the suckers down. [NYPost]
4) A high school romance, an Internet reconnection, now an engagement? Only one place to go: Battery Park City. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
5) A history of the row houses on West 45th St., just off of Fifth Avenue. Is this a diss? Cuz it sounds like a diss: "Not much happened on the block after the 1920's." [NYTimes]