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Rumblings and Bumblings: Making Waves on Atlantic

[Keep 'em coming, folks. Questions, answers, and sweet, sweet digital pics to Reader responses on Thursday.]

1) Central Park West: "Has anyone seen any renderings for the residential building that will go up on the Mayflower Hotel site? I think Cesar Pelli is the architect. Is it going to be The Solaire on the Park?"
2) Chelsea: "The West side of 6th Avenue between 17th-18th streets is a 2-3 story dilapidated looking "retail" structure (containing 2 porn shops and a Famous Rays). Is this space going to be the next condo? If so, any sense as to how high a structure will be allowed given the dimensions of the space?"
3) Gramercy: "What is going in at the corner of 23rd St and 2nd Ave across from the Associated Supermarket? The building has been abandoned for a while and there are rumors a residential complex is in the works. Does anybody have any knowledge?"
4) Atlantic Avenue: "Lots of Atlantic Avenue properties being developed in my part of Boerum Hill. I looked them all up on & NYC DOB but couldn't get the scoop I wanted. Even posted to the boerum hill yahoo group, but nobody knows nothing. a) 457 or 459 or 461 Atlantic (just east of Nevins, next door to liquor store). They tore down 457 to make one big vacant lot; there are no construction signs/permits posted. There's been no action on the property all winter (just like the Neverland Ranch). b) 50 or 52 3rd Avenue (just south of Atlantic, across from Walgreens). They've begun digging. Construction permits say a 5 story residential building with 22 units, which should help balance the roach/person ratio at Hanks Saloon. c) The whole damn block, northside, from State to Atlantic, just west of Flatbush, which propertyshark calls 96 Flatbush (?). Digging and foundation laid. Permits say 8 story residential building with 70 units. Free burqa for first 13 virgins who apply."

Got the lowdown on any of these projects? Drop a line to Your friends will be very impressed.
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