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Far West Village Gets in the Rezone

Rezoning is all the rage, so naturally the uppity residents of the West Village want in. (Joking. We're joking, people. We love you?all of you.) The NYSun reports that the fine folks at the GVSHP and their ilk are getting their wish, as next month the City will consider rezoning the far West Village, west of Washington between Jane and Barrow Streets. Weehawken Street and Charles Lane are among those byways where height limits are likely to be set on new buildings.

The proposed zone isn't quite the same as that championed by the GVSHP, so expect more angry rallies and such. As always, bonus points for Curbed readers who send along photos of the fun.
· City, Landmarks Looking to Rezone Part of West Village [NYSun, map via Google Maps]