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Celebrity Real Estate Agents: Officially Over

"Hot Properties," a comedy about four female real estate agents in Manhattan, is reportedly on ABC's fall lineup. The Times calls it a "'Housewives'-esque sendup." Wooeee! This program is not to be confused with "Hot Property," a show about "three immoral real estate agents in Houston." Last we heard, that Property had a cast-contingent pilot order from NBC. It does not appear on the network's fall schedule.

UPDATE: Fridays at 9:30. After the jump, ABC's over-the-top promo text.
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"Hot Properties" (half-hour comedy, Friday, 9:30 p.m., ET) -- In a Manhattan real estate office, four very different women cater to high-end clients while coping with their own personal predicaments. Married to a handsome 25-year-old, fortysomething Ava Summerlin wants to start a family, while self-improvement junkie Chloe would settle for any guy who can remember her the next day. Recently divorced, after being married ten years to a gay man, voluptuous Lola dreads jumping back into the dating pool, and the latest addition to this eclectic work group is rich girl Emerson Ives, who instantly bonds with the women upon learning that her supposedly virginal fianc