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Tasting Ninth Avenue

Comedian and blogger Chris Kula, he of the city's most chuckle-inducing walking tours, continues his ultra-successful formula of pictures + punchlines = our attention with a guide to the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival ("like your typical New York street fair times 10"). What did he find? The same exact things you find at any given street fair on any given weekend: gyros, arepas, roasted corn, ugly wool sweaters, etc. However, shark and alligator sounds unique! Of the above photograph, Kula notes:

Note that shark on a stick is known as a "sharkabob" while gator on a stick is simply "aligator." Oh, when will the nation's stuffy gator council finally loosen up their one fastened overall strap and just have some fun?

Probably around the same time as a street fair without plastic sunglasses and Yanni CDs.
· A Walking Tour of Ninth Avenue's International Food Festival [Pop Stand]