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Trump Promises Tall, Leggy Model

Moving the doings at the World Trade Center site from the ridiculous to the sublime, Donald Trump has scheduled a press conference at Ground Zero tomorrow where he'll unveil a 111-story remake of the original World Trade Center. Sez The Donald, "We have a beautiful model that has been built, a very big model." Not only that, but he's cured the original WTC of its original architectural ills:

"We took the original World Trade Center design, brought it into the modern age, made it more beautiful than ever before, made it one story taller, made it higher lined, and took out the architectural weaknesses that were there... Some people thought it was too monolithic. We've put on a higher lined curtain wall, which will make the exterior much more vivid and beautiful."We can't wait to meet this model. This tall, beautiful model. This leggy, voluptuous... really, can tomorrow come soon enough?
· Trump Set to Unveil 'World Trump Center' [NYPost]