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Libeskind to Trump: Please Don't Hate Me

If Ground Zero "master" "planner" and chief egghead Daniel Libeskind wants to have any chance at all with Donald Trump's tall, leggy model?his eye-catching ... gorgeous ... sleek... sophisticated ... model?then he has to convince Trump that he's not a geek/loser/terrible architect. And it appears that Libeskind is attempting to do just that, defending his Freedom Tower vision in a letter to The Donald by using the one defense mechanism that's sure to win new friends: pointing the finger at others.

In the letter, which Trump handed over?err, which was obtained by the Post?Libeskind pegs Trump dislikes, such as the Tower's spiral design, on David Childs, and writes, "I am sure that all of us, whatever the shape of our head or its decorative accessory agree that security is the paramount concern for the new tower."

As if we needed to remind you, today Trump will unveil his revamped Twin Towers design; adjust hipster glasses and ridiculous hairdos accordingly.
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