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The Future of the Lower East Side, as Told by the Past

Cityrag updates us on the plight of our LOCO friends, snatching this photo from their website just before it came crashing down (conspiracy? We're looking at you, Pomeranc). Regretfully, no human chains planned just yet?only a get-together at a Housing Authority Committee meeting last night (reports, por favor?).

But for all those fretting over the construction of a few tall buildings on the not-so-Lower East Side, take heart in knowing what might have been. An alert Curbed reader, trolling through historical records (a great weekend pastime, we assure you), sends along a 1933 drawing by architect and critic John Taylor Boyd, Jr., of a proposed LES "super-block." Egads man, and you thought The Hotel on Rivington was a monster? Somebody go back in time and protest this thing!

The unrealized vision of a potential Lower East Side after the jump.

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