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Victory, Defeat for Washington Sq. Park Rabble-Rousers

New Yorkers haven't been so fired up about a bunch of gates since Central Park went saffron, and the Landmarks Preservation Committee has acknowledged all the attention by putting the kabosh on the much-loathed plan to install 12 entranceways in Washington Square Park. However, the much-loathed plan to build a perimeter fence around the park was approved, thereby causing the room's temperature to suddenly surge 50 degrees as the assembled old hippies' brains began frying while trying to determine if they were outraged or appeased. Here's some other changes coming to the park over the next two years:

1) Fountain will be moved 23 feet east to align with arch.
2) Three asphalt mounds in the abandoned playground will be flattened (sorry, guys).
3) Park's various other elevations will all be made level.
4) Price of an 1/8th shoots up to $65.
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